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  Research and Development:
Improvement to Existing Solar Technology

The field of research to improve present technologies in energy production is of crucial importance to the future of humanity as a whole and our survival.  There is much room for improvement in our present technologies especially in the area of alternative energies.

Green Infrastructure Inc. is committed to making vast improvements to the existing solar technologies. We intend to make a 20-25% improvement on the heat transfer technology of the existing solar absorbers, which are considered to be the most important components of the solar panels. We believe that we can greatly improve heat transfer technology with our new designs. We strive for a goal of 30% increase in the efficiency of existing solar systems within a year.

In cooperation with leading Canadian universities, including the University of Western Ontario, University of Windsor, and McGill University, we are currently conducting research in innovative technologies, including nano technology, and using conductive plastic to replace existing materials to greatly improve efficiencies in solar absorbers.

Green Infrastructure Inc. is also making, through our research, improvements in the areas of manufacturing technologies, especially with laser robotics. Laser robotics is the next generation of solar technology and is required for vast improvement.

We need your support in helping us to further advance our research in solar technology. And it will be a pleasure to discuss our work and your donations with you.