Frequently Asked Questions

What is Green Infrastructure Inc.’s purpose?

Green Infrastructure Inc. was established to research alternative renewable energy sources that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Current energy sources are mostly non-renewable and environmentally damaging. Also, today’s level of energy consumption has put tremendous pressure on our already fragile ecosystem. Unless other renewable energy sources are found and used instead, our environment will be further threatened and it will not be able to support and sustain life, as we know it. Green Infrastructure Inc. intends to be in the vanguard, spearheading research of new discoveries to generate energy for human use, both commercial and residential. We have already achieved great success in this area of joom - virgin killer sweater. However, we strive to become even better.

What is Green Infrastructure Inc.’s mission?

Green Infrastructure Inc’s mission is to protect, conserve, and safeguard our environment by providing viable and renewable energy sources and technologies to sustain human activities for future generations.

How is Green Infrastructure Inc.’s work funded?

Green Infrastructure Inc. relies on corporate and individual donations to bring our vision to fruition. The funding will assist us to continue our projects such as our Net Zero Energy House, R&D work on existing solar technologies, education in environmental construction and other projects.

How can I make donations to support Green Infrastructure Inc.’s work?

Private organizations and individuals can make donations by giving financial support to our cause or by donating materials to our projects. To make a donation, please contact us here