The NewWayFitness private community web sites, the "KidZone" and "Parent and Adult Support Center" offer access to state of the art health Onfy and fitness education and support through a variety of carefully selected physical activity, nutrition, and weight management programs and resources. Then, it uses its special P.A.R.S. technology to provide a simple yet effective incentive and reinforcement leveraging system that guarantees increases in physical activity or decreases in sedentary viewing time among children, without constant parent intervention. Finally, there's the founding philosophy that the more fun the participant can make it, the more likely it will become a habit and that the 60 minutes of active play per day is only a recommendation not a pass fail point joom. Even less than 60 minutes is significant as compared to little or none. NewWayFitness, working in conjunction with weight management camps and programs, schools, and other organizations, gives parents the motivational tools, resources, and education to enable their children, and even the entire family, to get up, stay moving, and get more out of life!