Our Purpose

We are a non-profit organization established to research alternative renewable energy sources that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Current energy sources are mostly non-renewable and environmentally damaging. Also, today’s level of energy consumption has put tremendous pressure on our already fragile ecosystem. Unless other renewable energy sources are found and used instead, our environment will be further threatened and it will not be able to support and sustain life, as we know it. Green Infrastructure Inc. intends to be in the vanguard, spearheading research of new discoveries to generate energy for human use, both commercial and residential. Humanity at this stage of development needs more energy joom - polygal nail kit. We need to speed up the old methods and improve the new ones.


Our Mission

Our mission is to protect, conserve, and safeguard our environment by providing viable and renewable energy sources and technologies to sustain human activities for future generations.


Our Vision

Our challenge is to overcome shortcomings of our short-term energy needs by conservation. Replacement of inefficient, outdated technologies (e.g., furnaces, waterheaters, fridges, etc.) can make a significant impact on the immediate energy supply.

For the long-term, there is a need for innovative research into advanced technologies, fuel cells, wind/solar/geothermal energy to satisfy increasing energy demands for the next generation.

We have just scratched the surface in research of renewable energy sources. However, Green Infrastructure Inc. envisions great discoveries primarily in geothermal and solar power generation.


Our approach/methodology:

Green Infrastructure Inc. welcomes funding from private, commercial, or industrial enterprises to support us in bringing our vision to fruition. This funding will assist us to set up a high quality research centre where we can conduct our scientific investigation. Also, portions of the funding goes to support related research at reputable Canadian university research centres. Green Infrastructure Inc.’s intention is to accelerate the process of transferring academic, theoretical and experimental results for industrial and commercial applications. Finally, part of the funding will be used to help us provide free seminars in which we invite teachers and high-school/university students to obtain first-hand information on the necessity and importance of using alternative renewable energy sources. Green Infrastructure Inc. strongly believes in the benefits of education and awareness. We need to be proactive rather than reactive and prevent the rampant and careless consumption and abuse of our energy resources, which lead to the destruction of our fragile ecosystem.


Our Partners

We are happy to include these following companies in our support system:

Amvic System

Arc Solar

Bell Canada

Cement Association of Canada https://www.cement.ca/
Lafarge Canada Inc.
Rehau Industries Inc. https://www.rehau.com/us-en
RWE Schott Solar

Western University

(Chemical & Biochemical Engineering)
Vichwest Canada



Advisory Board

John E. Walsh

Professor Emeritus, U.W.O.

Professor John Walsh has done extensive work in the field of education and computing and data processing in several countries. His experience has included curriculum development and teacher training in institutions of higher learning as well as large commercial organizations.

Gordon E. Peterson

B.B.A (Hons.), LL.B, M.B.A

Gordon, a founding partner at Carlyle since 1995, has been legal advisor to public and private companies, as well as serving as an officer or director (including as corporate secretary) of a number of public, large private and not-for-profit corporations. Prior to joining Carlyle, he was a partner in the law firm of Harrison, Elwood in London, Ontario, where he practiced corporate-commercial law with an emphasis on securities law since 1989. Previously, he was with the law firm of Aird & Berlis, Toronto, Ontario. He has been a lecturer at The University of Western Ontario Faculty of Law, the Law Society of Upper Canada Continuing Education and an instructor in the Law Society of Upper Canada Bar Admission course and the Canadian Institute of Management program.



Fritz. R. Scheidies

Fritz has held a number of senior executive positions in marketing and sales over the last 35 years. He has energetically and enthusiastically dedicated the last six years to the cause of research and development in the field of alternative energies, in order to improve the environment and the well being of humanity. His vision has inspired many people to a greater awareness and commitment in this endeavour.

Ladan Javid

B.A.(Hons), M.B.A., Systems Analyst

Ladan has a diverse background in business, public relations and information technology. Her vision for the future of humanity includes intensification in the adoption of healthier modes of living such as the use of alternative energies.