As a children’s fitness educator for over 30 years, our Founder Mike Heppert became alarmed by the constant decreases in child/teen fitness levels and increases in waist sizes and early age sedentary related chronic diseases. Many schools and associated programs have been challenged to adequately educate, read and motivate students and families to engage in healthy, physically active lifestyles. With this in mind and in conjunction with the www.joom.com his team conceived and developed the NewWayFitness Program to expand physical education into the home enabling parents, who are ultimately responsible for their child's development, to effectively educate and motivate their child and even the entire family to enjoy healthy lifestyles joom - polygal nail kit


As Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary, Dr. Howard K. Koh put it, exercise is ". . . the best vaccine we have for numerous diseases . . .  In many ways physical activity is a prime example of prevention at its very best."  

The Mayo Clinic: “Some health initiatives are important enough to warrant their own individual incentive.”